Biodegradable plastics are plastics that will decompose in the natural environment. Degradation of plastics can be achieved by exposed to sunlight/UV light, thermal (heat) and/or mechanical stress to metabolize the molecular structure of plastic films to produce an inert humus. The end products of biodegradation are carbon dioxide, water and biomass that do not leave harmful or toxic residues to the environment. As combined with heat and moisture, they expand the plastic's molecular structure and allow the bio-active compounds to metabolise and neutralize the plastic.

We are offering a solution that makes commodity plastic waste degradable & biodegradable to help reduce waste & will assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases which preserves the environment for future generations.

We proudly present degradable polybags which provides our customers with a new environmental solution, controlling the life of carrier bags. The shelf life and service life of degradable and biodegradable plastic can be customized based on customer requirements ranging from a few months to years depending on the type and amount of chemicals additives added to the plastic resin.